Testing the new A. Jensen Shooting head System

2020 has been aweful.. Too much wind and too much rain.. But last week offered a window to test a new shooting head from A. Jensen Flyfishing new Pro Series Shooting Head !

The shooting head I tested was the Delayed TO (Turnover).

This shooting head has been designed for days with little or at least prefect wind direction, which offer the best casting conditions. The aim of this line is to prolong the cast by decreasing the roll/delivery velocity of the shooting head and leader. This means a longer delivery and therefore a longer cast! We all seek distance when fishing as it extend the range in which we can search for trout!

The shooting head was a joy to cast with!

The timing however, needed to be precise to unlock the full potential of the line!
The bonus with the slow/delayed turnover was a longer, yet delicate landing of the leader and shooting head.. To often a shooting head is quite heavy and therefore it lands with a splash…! This shooting head was much more gentle and therefore offered something quite special in my opinion.

Be aware of this when using the Delayed Turnover Shooting Head!

The nature of the slow turnover was something to think about in both the delivery of the cast and in false casting during the testing.

As a slower turnover takes longer time for the line roll out, the cast was not reaching full potential in the beginning, as the leader did not stretch fully, however, if I waited a little longer to initiate the forward cast, when being in the back cast position, this allowed for the shooting head and the leader to stretch fully behind me, and this improved the distance, the leader stretch and the accuracy of my casts.

So all in all a great new shooting head, which offer some new ways exploring fly casting and catching fish which are normally out of reach or easily spooked!

Check it out here and buy it if you wanna experience a new way of casting!
Or go for the full bundle and get 4 line kits for the price of 3!

The Delayed TO shooting head gets a score of 4,5 on scale from 0 to 5, where the score 5 is given to the perfect fly line, that can be used for every situation and is easy to use for all levels of flycasting experience.

The only issue this line has is its limitation when it come to back casting in places with high cliffs, bushes or trees, as it loads best when the leader has the time to stretch and fold out behind the fisherman, during the false casting.
For situations like this another line, such as the Horizon or Specialist from the A. Jensen Pro Series shooting head, would be more effective shooting heads.