Testing the A.Jensen Avon 5-weight fly rod

Testing the A.Jensen Avon #5 fly rod using two types of fly lines.

  • Vector way forward fly line from A.Jensen
  • And the A.Jensen Pro Series shooting head Presentation.


Brilliant fly rod, and a great value for your money!! You won’t regret it 🙂

When pushing the rod, it has a deep and calm bend through the rod blank and it feels like it has a great casting potential from this deep lying power, and this is one of the things that really appeals to me!

Testing this rod both at the coastal locations and on a football field, showed that the potential of this rod can unlock some serious distance and accuracy when getting to know the rods casting qualities!

Avon will be my choise for these days

It is suitable for days with moderate to mild wind levels, as it offers some sublime casting potential and feather like presentation of the fly.

Still it has a lot of power to break through the wind and do some decent casting, even with big flies! A perfect rod for nice weather fishing for sea trout along the Danish coastline!

Have a look at the rod and order it here! https://ajensenflyfishing.com/avon.html

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