Equipment and fly rod set-up

Fly rod set-up that I use for trout and pike fishing (Salt & Fresh water fishing)

Rod set-up for Pike fishing

  • A.Jensen Spook Stalker 9 feet #9

All around set-up for the salt water and for river fishing for trout

  • A.Jensen Spook Seatrout 9′ and 7-weight

  • A.Jensen Avon 8´9″ and 5-weight

Fly Reel

I have used many different reel types and qualities over the years.

The setup I use at the moment:

All around reel set-up for the salt water fishing and for river fishing as well

  • A.Jensen Target reel (#8-9)

  • A.Jensen DaVinchi (#6-8)

  • Lamson  Liquid 2 (#6)

Fly reel for freshwater fishing

Fly line for sea trout fishing

I have used many different lines for sea trout fishing, but on the coast I use a shooting head and a running line 90% of the time now.

The reason for using a shooting head comes down to the effectiveness of a shooting head and the limitations which a normal way forward line gives, when fishing in strong winds with big flies.
Fishing for sea trout on the coast, often requires a lot of casting and distance can be important as well. Both are often more important than a delicate presentation. For those reasons, a shooting head is preferable and makes a day of fishing less challenging  for you casting arm!

Dominantly I use intermediate for my sea trout fishing, as it offers me a better line control and better feel/contact with the fly while I retrieve it.

I use this line set-up:

  • A.Jensen Pro Series Shooting head Horizon Intermediate and floating

  • A.Jensen Pro Series Shooting head Specialist

  • A.Jensen Pro Series Shooting head Delayed Turnover

  • A.Jensen Pro Series Shooting head Presentation

Fishing in shallow water or places that suits a floating line, I use a WF line (Way Forward).

  • Royal Wulff WF-line for # 5 and #6

Leader and tippet

Normally I use a 9 ft leader (Size 0X or 0,28 mm) with and additional 3-6 feet extension of Flourocarbon tippet from Photonic in 0,26, 0,24 or 0,21 mm

Polaroid glasses

Looking at the water surface or at the horizon all day can be tough if the sun is burning and a pair of sun glasses is a very nice thing to have.

If you want to spot more fish following your lures the polaroid glasses will normally do the trick!

I use the Lenz Optics models Tay

Light yellow glass for cloudy days and more brown or amber colors for sunny days 🙂


I normally use breathable light weight waders all year round. But for cold winter days, I can sometimes crawl into a pair of heavy Neoprene waders.

  • Patagonia Rio Gallegos waders for Spring, Summer and Autumn.

  • Daiwa waders as back-up

  • Ron Thomson Neoprene


Neoprene for winter and early spring


  • Orvis – Clearwater

  • Haglöfs – Spitz

  • Georff Anderson – Grffon softshell

Depending on the wind levels and if rain is about to fall, a wind-stopper or a waterproof jackets will be a necessary friend to bring on a fishing trip.

On cold days it is important with a layer of good insulation, and remember to bring more than you need, it is always better to take something off, that you don’t need, than having to little or to thin close and then be freezing the rest of the day!

For fishing in cold and wet conditions I use my new Orvis Clearwater Wading Jacket!

What a joy it is :)!

In warm spring and summer times, a thin waterproff jacket is just fine. At the moment I use a hard shell jacket from Haglöfs (Spitz jacket).

4 thoughts on “Equipment and fly rod set-up

  1. If you are the drying and rinsing type of angler, who always takes very good care of everything, you may not need things quite as saltwater tolerant as I prefer it. But in my opinion it’s a shame to expose nice freshwater gear to salt, sand and the rough treatment on the coast. I am not known to be careful with my gear, and regular rinsing could probably avoid this, but I have still to see a rod that isn’t marred by the salt after I have fished it for a season.

  2. Late answer, but yea I see your point. And I can tell you that I normally (Never) do not use fresh water equipment for salt water fishing 😉
    But sea trout migrate and some times they seek up the many streams, and then I can use the fresh water reels and other equipment for those.
    When that is said, I still try to clean and rinse the equipment after time in salt water, just to be safe 🙂

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