The First Smell of Summer

They temperature was silently rising and the water was crystal clear this early morning in May.

A couple of friends, a cup of coffe is all I need to enjoy a fishing trip. The fish is always just a bonus 😉 But an important one!

We wanted to spend half a day on the northeren coast of Zealand.
The weather was very generous this morning and the water crystal clear.. It did not take long before we were all ready for action!

I had prepared my #5 Hardy rod for this trip, as the wind was hardly notable at all and the delightfulness of casting with a #5 rod is not to be underestimated!!



After observering a few smaller schools of sea trout prey fish and some shrimps, I changed my little sea bug pattern to a bigger sand eal-ish imitation in hope of some succes!

It was a pattern ive just tried to tie the day before, it was a new creation from my own imagination of what a sea trout would find tasteful.

My freind Niels was throwing a powerful #7 rod this morning and he proclaimed that he wanted to try my #5 (several times). And after changing location he came to me as I was about to try a new spot, and asked politely if he could try a few casts.. I was tempted to try this new spot myself first, but I could not say no to Niels request and I gave him my rod so he could test my set-up..

I was handed his #7 and right away i notticed that he had some knots on the tipping.. I asked if I should change tipping and he was very pleased and said YES! While helping my mate out he repays me by saying…

“It´s on!”

Niels was fighting a fighsty little sea trout on my rod and my new fly!
What a good friend I am 😉


Well well.. If someone needed a fish more than I do it is NIELS!
Congratulation mate! 😉

After my defeat I walked on toward new fishing spots down the coast and I eventually found a place of interest..  The place had nice dark belts of sea weed.. Just what attracts sea trouts when they hunt for food!

After a few minutes Ive heard a spalsh not far away.. I tryed to locate where the sound of the jumping sea trout came from, but I could not find any action on the surface..
I walked a few meters towards the place I heard the sound..
A minute later I saw a fish jump again, this time it was within the casting distance of my #5 and the second attempt to reach the fish I got lucky!

This time I was the one holding a fish on the far end of my line!
Not a big fish and after a few pictures I released it back to its right element again.


Tight Lines 🙂