Personal best from Sweden!

What a marvelous day to spend instead of hitting the books all day!
I took an early study session and meeting with my supervisor yesterday morning. The plan was to go fishing for a few hours and enjoy the wonderful weather.

We drove from Copenhagen and to the southern shores of Skåne in Sweden.
The sun was shinning and it was just before lunch time. Something told us that this could be an epic day from the look of the coastline, but this feeling had fooled us before!


We prepared our equipment and walked towards the first spot we had seen on google earth. It was a nice looking place and we were full of hope and energy! On the way we realized that none of us had brought a landig net for the trouts.. We looked at each other and agreed that we could just land them by hand (We never catch anything that big anyway)!
For the first 20 minutes nothing happend. Everything was perfect though..
The sun was shining from a blue sky, The wind was very calm, but still made the surface a bit nervous..
We aimed for a new spot and walked towards our destination, but before we arrived there we saw 3-4 people standing at every sinlge hot spot.. We could fish in the same area, but not to the place we were hoping for..


This new place looked great as well.. Lots of big boulders laying in 0,5 – 1,5 meters of water and there where nice patches of seaweed in the deeper parts.
And we agreed that we would give this place a shot.
My fish buddy walked out first with his spin-rod.. And in first cast he caught a little silvery sea trout of 40 cm.. It was gently realeashed and we were both happy to see that this spot had potential..

After a few minutes i was not feeling sure weather I should continue with the fly rod, or switch to a spin rod.. The my mate caught a better fish casting along the shore in water of only 0,5 m depth.
OKAY I thought.. I walked towards land to try a new spot further land-ward.. the fish might be concentrated here because water temperature was higher there..

After spending 30 minutes with no sign of fish or anyone else catching any, I decided to take a coffee break and wait to see if the conditions changed to the better.


After a nice rest and two mugs of coffee, I found new energy and I walked towards the place I believe could hold trouts or at least where they would pass through if they were looking for food.
After a few cast I saw something 40 meters from me.. It was just something that broke the surface like a tale or fin of a fish.. My mate called me up.. He saw the same fish rise and we moved within casting distance from two different directions and we targeted the area where we saw the fish..
After pulling my fly line a few meters I felt something.. I waited a second, then I gave some smaller pulls followed by a short break.. This released another attack on my fly and I hooked a fish far out.. It was a nice little trout, not a keeper but fine for a change!
Unfortunately the fly line that I had stripped in while fighting the little fella, got entangled and I spend the next 8 minutes getting the nest of shooting head and leader untangled again!
This was rely frustrating as the following 10 minutes was a big distraction! I saw more than 50 fish happily feeding between 15 and 20 meters from where I was standing.. My mate caught two fish while I was sortening out the fly line.. He also lost a good 2 kg + sea trout!

I was almost crying, but I managed to get the line free and cast to the place where I still could see activity going on!
And after two cast with lots of contact with fish, I had a good one hooked! After a nice fight with the fish getting closer and closer i could hand land a nice 51 cm sea trout! This is not my biggest fish ever, but a decent one when thing of all the fish around 40 cm swimming out there!
(In Sweden you can not keep and bring home fish under 50 cm)


After a few minutes the activity stopped, and it seemed the fish had gone further up along the coastline or further sea-ward.. out of reach for my flies..

I was happy and also disappointed at the same time! Mostly grumpy that I did not spend more time fishing while they where there!

We sat down had another cup of coffee and talked it through.. The status was two fish for me.. and four for my friend..
We were both happy, but the situation had been perfect, we agreed that we should have gotten a few more 😉

We scouted for new fish in the area but nothing like what we saw earlier came back.. After half an hour we agreed to try the deeper part out by some big boulders, and off we went again..
After 5 minutes my mate called and said that he just lost a good sized fish!
I walked slowly towards him.. Maybe this was the same school of trouts returning to feed.. But they where further out this time, so I need to come closer in order to reach them with my fly rod..
I found a nice flat rock I could stand on and get better casting condition..

After one or two cast, towards the area where the big fish had been, I felt something give pull in my line out there.. I retrieved my line fast and made a sudden stop.. This triggered an attack on the fly, and I could feel that something heavy had the hook in the end of the line..
Two second later a big tale was tearing the surface 20 meters away and a BIG fish was skating 3-4 meters across the surface.!
I was shocked but painfully aware that this was the best fish I had ever hooked!
Well after 10-15 minutes fight with way to many jumps and rolls from the fish we managed to get it in close, and the fish was finaly tired.. We agreed that we would not risk bringing it in through all the rocks towards the shore.. It could easily get stuck and get free there.. My partner said he could try to hand land it and even though i disliked the idea, it was the best suggestion..
The first go was perfect, and he could pull a big shinny trout up from the water.. The fish was magnificent! A true beauty 🙂



What a day! 3,2 kg and 68 cm pure silver bar!