Testing GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition while fishing for sea trouts in Denmark

The day was going to be spend on fishing on the western coastline of Zealand (Sjælland).

After riding the train from Copenhagen and being picked up in the middle region of Zeland it became clear to me that this might be a bad idea… It was snowing constantly and there were no sign of warmer conditions arriving anytime soon!

My fishing buddy and I agreed that it was very unlucky but we still wanted to see if we could find any fish this morning. And off we went at 6 AM!

After a long drive to our destination we soon realised that the weather was changing rapidly to the better.. it was still snowing, but the snow did not lay permantly on the ground! We were in luck!

It was my plan to test the GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition while fishing and if I was lucky I might be able to capture a fight with a silvery sea trout!

The first thing i noticed after turning on the GoPro camera was the small discreet “beep” sound it made, which assured me as user, that it was now turned on! I can tell you that thats a great feature while having the camera placed on your chest or your head with the mounts!

Next thing that will come in handy while operating the GoPro 3+ Black Edition that the GoPro 3 Black Edition did not have, is the small blinking red lght on top of the camerabody.. It will tell you weather you are not filming (light is off) Or if your camera is recording (light is on)..

Jumping sea troutHavørrede Røsnæs 2 3

The GoPro 3+ Black Edition also offers a waterproof housing (So does the older models), which allows you to capture underwater footage from your fights!