The Volcanic Island

When looking at fishing in the northern hemisphere, there is one place in particular that every sportsfisher has heard or read about.. Iceland


I remember reading an old article when I was a little boy. It was written by two men that loved fishing. They had stayed on this mysterious island that was lying somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic. From the pictures in the article, it seemed so remote and wild in terms of nature and climate.

I remember thinking that they seemed to have found the legendary pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! They had found what every fisherman is searching for! A place of breathtaking nature combined with something that seemed like unlimited amounts of hungry fish! And fish of rediculous large sizes!  I knew then that I would find my self going to Iceland one day!

Iceland 2008

My first visit was just after finishing highschool at the age of 20.. It was no fishing trip, but of course I brought a rod or two! Luckily for me, one of my companiens was as mad about the idea of fishing in Iceland as I was. During this trip, we seeked every possible situation we could for some action with the fishing rods. but it demanded an effort to find the fish in this harsh nature..

The first experience with the volcanictrouts came as we found some glacial rivers and  lakes in the center of Iceland. It was a remote and moon-like landscape. We explored the area with only one thing in mind.. Big trouts! In this lunar landscape we found the winds to be beating the crap out of us! To put it mildly! But there were no natural shelter to take cover behind, so we had to make the best of it.

After trying to set our tend and almost losing it in the process, we decided to stop wasting time and strenght on an impossible mission. Instead we focused on the waters at our feet.. This was a very wise choice! The water held some very fat and strong wild brown trouts!

The trouts seemed to be a mxture between brown trouts and more colored sea trouts. They were espeacially fond of large spinners and seemed to be hungry as they did not hesitate to inhale our lures that day!

Island 2008 058 ~3 kg wild Icelandic trout

The picture above is from the windy day with lots of good fish! 1 out of 4 fish that were between 2,5 and 3,5 kg!! for me.. My friend got at least 3 fish within same scale.

After the wind/mindblowing experience we went to the big and beautiful lake, Thingvallavatn.  Thingvallavatn is known for a special population of big brown trouts and Arctic chars!

We had one hell of a beautiful day in the sun, and saw nothing but blue skies there. It was the day before leaving the island. We did not get in contact with any of the big brownies, but we did find a lot of nice chars..

At one point I had a real good fish strike at my lure, but as a result of slack line and to little focus I lost it as fast as it stroke my lure!

Island 2008 474Island 2008 518

Island 2008 524 What was on the hook after losing the big fish.. Gues it most have been hungry that day and this would have been an earlier snack… 🙂

Iceland 2012

As I knew when leaving Iceland in 2008, it was not my last trip to the extraordinary island.. And truelly enough in 2012 I brought my girlfriend on a summertrip to Iceland..

I did bring a rod or two once again, but this time the weather seemed be mad at us for some reason.. We came in August and we faced two weeks of rain, almost every day and average temperatures of 12-17 degrees C..

I did find my old spot close to the middle of the island again, bought valid fishing license and crossed my fingers that the place would still be as extraordinary as the last time ive been there!..

But as I drove toward the lakes I could see that something had changed, I was not sure if it was my memories playing tricks with my eyes or if time just changes earth surface faster than I expected, but the area did not seem quite the same anymore.. – I am now sure that the change was due to the massive forces of the intense nature in Iceland. A dynamic interplay of a nature and time can create big changes in few years!

After figurering where to go know I found a place in the area much like what I had fished a few years back.. After some time I finally got a very little strike from a fish.. It did not stay on and it did not feel like a big fish, but I was now sure that the fish was still there! And after I intensely increased my search for fish, using my lures as my eyes on the bottom of the lake, the sound of the breaks sounded like sweet music to my ears.. The long search had finally paid off! And a fish was one the end of the line..

It was not a Moby Dick, but it was a release of all the expectations build up inside, and after a long drive and many years of dreaming about these fish, it finally got real!

IMG_3392 After a long search I’ve happily found my Iclandic wild trouts again!

I spend an afternoon here and found two new locations where there were plenty of fish.. though the average size was between 0,5 and 1,2 kg I cought and released aproximately 20 fish within a few hours..


The wind was strong and clouds were fastly drifting by and it was time to find shelter.. As learned from the first time in Iceland I did not take the chance to put up the tent here in the middle of the arctic desert, so we drove to a Highway Station (where I bought my fihsing permit) and we had a nice dinner there.

A few days later, we came by one of the lakes that my fishing license gave permission to fish in, and I took the opportunity to try my luck here as well. This resultet in a decent amount of smaller sized brown trouts, like the once I have often caught in Denmark, but this was still a great deal of fun!

One did leave this lake, and had to be served as dinner and it tasted wonderful!


One thing a vacation to Iceland should inculde, is a trip to the Blue Lagoon and a dip into one of the many hot springs that can be found around the island!