Old pictures and stories from New Zealand

New Zealand

As December and January drifts by with low temperatures and snow here in Denmark, my thoughts often drift back towards the winter 2009. Back then I spend 5 weeks in the southern parts of New Zealand with my friend and fishbuddy Søren.

Have a look how to spend a perfect vacation with a 4WD and a discount tent!

Søre og den store bæk ørred!13969_190695998113_1240928_n

5 weeks in wonderland!

After a painful and long flight from Denmark over the UK, then Dubai, Badar Seri Begawan, Australia and last Auckland and on to Christchurch… I know it was stupid to take that many stop-overs, but we got the tickets realy cheap!

After a few hours of sleep we went in our 4WD to the nearest fishing store and got some tips from the local fishers in Christchurch!

And off we went! – The first wonderful experience with New Zealand trouts was in Lake Ida! Crystal clear waters and lots of trouts! It was to much fun to even describe!

Lake Colridge and Lake Ida



Next fishing stop Lake Tekapo!


DSC02276 DSC02278

Always good to have something for dinner if the fish will not play!

12439_1284738872882_4346897_n DSC02283

Gore and Mataura River


A lake near Queenstown

Søre og den store bæk ørred! 12439_1284738272867_8239400_n

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There are plenty of stories to tell from this trip, and I might upload small videos recorded from it as well… If you havent seen the INTRO-movie for FlyTramps you should! Some scenes from New Zealand has been included and shows some of the nice things we were lucky to capture on film!

Here you have a few more pictures from the trip!

Hope to come back again soon!