Searching in the Eastern sunset..

Hello! We hope you all had a very nice christmas and found the time to reflect on what to do in 2014 fish-wise 🙂

Here is a little briefing on the lates fishing from one of Fly Tramps fishermen.

Thailand 2013-2014

When taking a vaction, fishing is always brought to my attention, one way or another. And a trip to Thailand was a realy good chance to try out new ways of fishing!

Here I have chosen a few pictures from the nice and very warm vacation in Thailand..

SAMSUNG CSC A scorpion fish and a proud fisherman!

SAMSUNG CSC First out of four squids this evening. They tasted wonderful!

SAMSUNG CSC Just before I handed the spoils of fishing over to the chef!


The Thai people is known for their good seafood, and squid is one of their specialities! Cheers!

Now it is time to start hunting for the wintertrouts in Denmark again!

Fly Tramps will also update you all on the plans for 2014, as there is much look forward too!