A shrimp loving flounder

It is the second day of December and Niels and I agreed to take an early break from the studies this afternoon, the goal was some new exploration of the area around Nordhavenen in Copenhagen.

The plan was set and the spirit high!

Now it was all up to the new spot to deliver! But something went very wrong… One part of the plan was to use a tackle for flounders and it included hooks with worms attached.. But we had for some reason forgot to bring any worms or substitutes..

After a lot of cursing and swearing we found two guys fishing for flounders themselves, using with shrimps. As I brought some chocolates to keep the spirit up on a cold day I actually had something to trade for a couple of shrimps. The guys was very friendly and I was a handfull of shrimps richer.. Win-win situation already!


As we hooked the shrimps and started some fishing for flounder on a passive rod, both Niels and I tryed to catch cods or, if we were lucky, a seatrout. But as we expirenced nothing using regular spinning technique we started retrieve the shrip at a very slow pace, and it kickedstarted the action. After only two casts the first flounder was caught, but as it wasnt very big we gave it its freedom again.

It was a cold day and after a couple of hours one could not feel his toes anymore. We had lost almost all our shrimps to a very greedy flounder that seemed to have found the right tactic to trick us! We agreed to pack up and try one last time with the last shrimp.. Once again the flounder stratet tasting on the shrimp.. and then the line got tight.. It was hoocked! The dinner was finally within reach! And it all enden happy for me and could jump on the bike with nice flounder in the bag.