Whenever the I can find the time and money I travel to Sweden for a short or long weekend of fishing. Sweden offers some very fine fishing, wether it is seatrout and salmon fishing or finding a seecret lake with a monster pike dosent matter. Even though Denmark offer simular fishing to some extent it is still a huge satisfaction to visit other countries and cultures (Though the Swedish culture is almost the same as it is in Denmark).



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Fishing in the mighty river of Mörrum is a very intense experience. Mörrum is situated in the Southern region of Sweden. You never know if your next cast will result in a take that will blow your mind away. The average size of seatrouts and salmon is hard to find better anywhere in the southern Scandinavia!

Look at the official homepage for Mörrum – http://www.sveaskog.se/morrum/

I remember the first time walking along the facinating river, it was autumn and I was not aware of its potentiel as I was spending my holiday with a friend and his parrents. I was invited to eat at a restaurant on the very edge of the river in the city Mörrum. Before dinner we spend a couple of hours walking in this paradise of a swedish landscape. The river sounded like the sweet music of mild thunder, the air smelled like late summer and the flowers and trees was still blooming. While walking along the river i saw several fish jumping, resulting big splash on the water surface.

But one fish is still printed very well on my mind! As we walked by pool 7 i was dreaming abot fish already! I was aware of the potentiel of the river and my eyes was constantly searching for a new rising fish.. And then a very.. VERY big trout broke the surface, just like a dolphin!

I was stunned and I was enchanted for life!

– Troels

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Two types of sea trouts from the River of Mörrum. The big silvery one to the right was caught by a freind of mine, René, and was releashed after a quick picture as the quality shows.


Early morning and the team gets ready for the day ahead..



During a day at the River of Mörrum you just find yourself fascinated by enormously power of the water and how calm it calm it acts in the hilly scenery around it… And then it is time for a cop of coffee to make the experience complete!!





Harasjömåla is situated in the southern region of Sweden in  beautiful a area of dense forrest ans many outstanding lakes.

The lakes has been optimized for fishing and picknics by placing many small bridges and wooden houses along the lakes. The area is made accesble to anyone with a valid fishing license, this can be bought from the office close to the lakes. (Find the details here: http://www.harasjomalafiskecamp.com/) 

As there are many lakes of good quality in Harasjömåla and with the opportunity to rent a guest-house of fine standards, Harasjömåla is a good place to bring kids for a smaller fishing trip. A drive from Denmark does not take more than a couple of hours when arriving in Sweden from “Ørresundsbroen”.

There are lakes enough to spend more than a week there, and still find new areas to explore for fishing.

In summer times and early autumn there are a bloom in the amount of wild berries and mushrooms in the forrest around the lakes. Especially blueberries are growing there in big numbers and can be a delecious supliment when bringing the harvest to the dinner table!

Some days fishing with heavy lures that reach the bottom fast can be the most effecient way to catch fish and other times a small fly just under the surface will be the only thing the trouts will feed on!


Fly Fishing

If one wants to spend his time fly fishing, a few lakes are Fly Fishing Only and a small stream in the area has been formed to optimise the conditions for the trouts that have been put there as well for the fly fishermen. One can buy a special license for this small river system. 



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